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This comes by way of Snaphanen (h/t: Fjordman) who came across an article in the Italian press, which the Tundra Tabloids is forced to use a sloppy Google translation (sorry), but you’ll get the gist of the story. A Turkish student bullying another classmate forces him down, and demands that he pray to Allah. He apparently captured “his moment” on a cell phone camera. KGS

NOTE: Fjordman remembers some EU spin on the reasons why “Muslim youths” turn to violence, and of course it has nothing to do with Islam.

‘On your knees and pray to Allah ‘
Threats and fear at school

E ‘success at Mirandola, where a 17 year old armed with a punch of Turkish origin has threatened a classmate

Il Resto Del Carino: Modena, 17 December 2010. “Kneeling toward Mecca and pray to Allah.” It is not an invitation to an Imam of a true Islamic faith, but the imperative addressed by a seventeen year old of Turkish nationality to a classmate, under the threat of a punch to the throat. By the guerrillas on the squares to the student in the classroom.

The latest episode of school violence occurred in a second class of the Galilei, Lower Modena. A young man of Turkish nationality, with the vice of being delivered by their classmates or snack money, he pulled the first victim of the moment, then ordered him to kneel and pray to Allah facing the holy place for Muslims, Mecca.

The scene was shot with their cell phone from a classmate and has appeared on Facebook, where a few days after it was removed. The fact, that occurred a few days ago during recess, was reported to the police a few months from parents of kids who suffer the harassment of non-classmates. Not to mention that even the teachers are often subject to intimidation and aggressive attitudes.

The victim in turn, once the lessons have kept quiet because their parents for fear of further reprisals. However, we thought their classmates to tell the family what happened. There are now almost weekly incidents of violence in Galilei, attended by about twelve hundred students, many of whom are of foreign nationality.

After the verbal altercation, which led then to kicks and punches between two boys from a second class, about a month ago, where the launch of a few chairs, used as tools of struggle has caused the wounding of two boys and the teacher’s fainting mathematics, the last serious incident recorded the weather ‘hot’ that reigns in the classroom of the institute.

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  1. Every time I read these stories I wish there was an archive of culturally enriched classroom incidents reported at these blogs which would include video gems like these:
    French News Video Clip which incorporates the Porcheville (Yvelines)classroom attack recorded on cell phone video.
    France: Rise in school violence another British report of several incidents in 2009 where teachers found themselves targets of student aggression (ff to 0:55) and again at @2:36 notes that 50% of the violence takes place in 10% of schools mostly located in troubled areas.Take note of the student apparel demonstrating the demographic involved
    2004 •The beating of a Swedish youth by a gang of blacks (:20)
    A Moroccan youth assaults his Danish teacher (1:08)
    Act for America: A former teacher of muslim students speaks out

    1. Hi WTD, sounds like a good idea. I will put it on the to do list, really, it looks like something that should have been done ages ago. If you would like to, please help me compile a working list and I’ll make a special page for it.

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