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The Tundra Tabloids remembers this gentleman -who goes by the handle PLO- very well, he has sent the TT over the years many a comment and email that offered the Palestinian, pro-Arabist view. I would like to give him my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for leaving the following in the comment section.

This proves that methodical, painstaking accuracy in reporting the truth finally wins people over, even the most ardent of opponents. It also takes a person of high moral character to admit one’s mistakes, which is something that all of us in the blogosphere periodically, need to reflect upon. KGS

PLO: I used to write pro-palestinian comments to this blog (and others) but now I want tell you that I was wrong. Radical islam and terrorism is a threat to us all and the so called “anti-jihadist” movement have been absolutely right from the begininng.

Palestine is far from my country but there are no other people in the world who have been completely brainwashed with hate-speech like the Palestinians are. Israel is just one front in the global jihad and even if the jews left Palestine, muslims would still hate them because its sanctioned in their holy book.

Of course there are moderate muslims but that doesnt mean that islam is moderate and it isnt. These moderate muslims just dont follow their religion to the letter and quite often they dont want anything to do with the religion.

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  1. Good for PLO. I was always pretty neutral when it came to the conflict. After paying visits to websites such as the Palestinian Media Watch and Memri I learned that those people are raised to hate, because that’s what islam teaches them. There is no coexisting whit islam. That’s the problem of islam. Even after ‘peace’ they will still seek for destruction.
    I do believe there are moderate muslims, but not as many as we’d like to think. Do you see anti-islamterrorism manifestations? I haven’t seen one. People say that they are scared, because of the reactions of other mulsims, but if there are so many moderates why be scared?
    If they had to choose between the West and the ‘oemma’ I think a lot of them would choose the oemma.

    1. Hi Sophie, I am very glad about PLO crossing over from the dark side, its not an easy trip to make when laden down with a lot of propaganda etc., he’s to be commended. As for the moderates in Islam, they matter very little. Its all about the entirety of the Koran, and that it’s deemed to be written by their god. In other words all that’s written is immutable, it can’t be added to or subtracted from. So, we see scenes in which a “moderate” imam (by their standards) argues with a fundamentalist, and can’t prove him wrong. The imam can only say that his congregation isn’t following all of those passages literally, not that these passages are fundamentally wrong. So in the end he can’t condemn him, the potential terrorist, nor do many of these “moderates” have the heart to “turn in a brother” to the infidel authorities.That’s why is matter little how many moderates there are, when the Koran and hadiths are there, entirely approved of by all four schools of Islamic jurisprudence.

      1. I blame the so called moderate imams the most for the ambiguity (moderate vs. radical). They KNOW what the quran says. You can’t say the quran is the absolut truth and it’s the word of allah and still claim islam is moderate. The moderates don’t matter, you are right. When they speak out they are often threatened. So I don’t understand that they still believe in moderation.
        I’m sick and tired of all those ‘intercultural’ of ‘interreligious’ gatherings. We have done this for a long time and it didn’t help at all. It’s a big lie. Christians, Jews and Hindu’s and others are used as usefull idiots.

  2. Goes to show how even true believers are capable of change.

  3. Thank you for your friendly comments. If the Palestinians really want to run their lives freely, there’s a very easy way to do that. They just need to put down their weapons. The difference between parties is very clear. Jews hate arabs only because they kill jews but arabs hate jews because they are jews. I’m now pretty sure that if the arabs stop killing jews and lay down their arms, jews would not harm them in any way.

    When the Jihad comes closer and closer to our own borders more people are starting to see through the arab and leftist propaganda. Only now many are realizing what the israelis have been against with since 1948 and even before that. In a way Israel is in better position than us here in Europe because they don’t have fake illusions about the religion of “peace”. We all are now going down that same road and it’s only a matter of time when the “palestinization” of certain areas in Europe start with large scale intifadas to make separate semi-independent sharia-enclaves in the heart of european civilization. The problem is that we really can’t trust our leaders to prevent this and look at the problem straight to the eye.

    1. I agree with your sentiments, our leaders have to be made aware, and the only way to do that, especially here in Europe, is through direct action with your elected representatives, nothing else will work. Friends and family have to be alerted to the dangers of Islam, as well as understanding that this is not a race or ethnic issue, but real concerns about a totalitarian ideology that effects not only their own immigrant members, but us non-Muslims as well. The truth is, Muslim only enclaves in fact do exist, and in the absence of any real action from societies leaders, they will become more emboldened as their numbers grow. If Europe thinks the “Basque problem” is a major headache, what lies ahead with Islamization will make the Basque’ violence look like a picnic.

      Glad to have you aboard.

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