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New Right Old Wrong – Counter Jihad Is Not Left Or Right

Once again it’s Brian of London on Israellycool.

This post will be long, sorry! It’s part travelogue, part political observations but here are the highlights;

  • the old left right political discussions just don’t work when Islam is the primary concern;
  • I don’t care what people were, if they’re making a trip to see the disputed parts of Israel and talking with the people who live there, they’re doing the right thing;
  • why is Geert Wilders not part of the group I traveled with;
  • some parts of Europe actually understand Israel’s fight better than many Israelis.

If you follow my tweets, you’ll have seen a flurry of activity on the 6th of December as I toured the area known as the Shomron with a delegation of politicians from Europe. What was unusual was that these people came and entered what their media calls the “Occupied West Bank” without fear of the personal political repercussions of doing this.

Just crossing an imaginary line that lies 20 minutes drive from my house carries with it a huge political implication for many of these people back home. They will now be attacked and demonised even for making the trip: and doing it in the presence of the “Settlers” is as if they sat down and had lunch with devils.

The delegation drove up from their hotel in Ashkelon (they had toured the Gaza border and Sderot the day before). I met them at the entrance to the city (and it is a real city) of Ari’el. I have never driven there before but it’s only 30 minutes from my home (in optimum traffic) and it’s about 10 mins from the artificial border. And I live only 10 mins from the sea and can see the sea from my home.

I joined the bus and immediately noted the armored glass. Nice


NOTE: The Tundra Tabloids live covered this here.

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