Wife of the Stockholm suicide bomber: “I am relaxed and professional and I will make you feel like the “Amira” (Princess in Arabic) you are on Your Special Day! I can help you achieve the look you want and adapt it to your beautiful individual features. As a perfectionist, I will make sure you look flawless and absolutely stunning!”

Dead koranimal jihadi, Taimur Abdulwahab al-Abdaly, on the eve of his “Special Day” hoping to make dozens of Swedes to help him celebrate it.

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NOTE: Lesson learnt. Going to Luton makes a Muslim more in touch with his/her inner Mohamed and therefore less friendly, and potentially lethal.

UPDATE: Jihad bomber’s wife shocked, shocked that her husband became radicalized.

Mail Online: ‘I never knew my husband had become a terrorist’: Wife of British-based suicide bomber tells of her ‘devastation’ over Stockholm attack

The wife of suicide bomber who was radicalised in Britain before carrying out a suicide bombing on a busy street in Sweden today spoke of her ‘devastation’.

Iraqi-born Taimour Abdulwahab Al-Abdaly, 28, blew up his car, then himself, in the capital Stockholm.
And today it emerged he was thrown out of a Luton mosque three years ago for being too radical.

A Swedish prosecutor said it was likely that Abdulwahab was wearing a bomb belt and was possibly on his way to a department store or train station when the explosive detonated by accident.

Abdulwahab spent much of the last decade in Luton – long known as a hotbed of terrorism – where he studied for a degree and continued living there with his wife Mona Thwany and three young children.

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  1. Her name is Umm Amira but she was known as “Mona” – Oh, the irony! We have our own Mona Muslim (Sahlin) as the leader of Swedish Social Democrats and they’ve got theirs!

    So have you seen this video of the blast?


    I can’t help but agree with the maker of that video regarding the guy appearing about three minutes into the video. A scarf covering his entire face and…is that sun glasses? After sun set? I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like that on the streets here in Sweden, but I’ll sure pay attention now. The guy seems to stand out in more ways than his garb.

  2. …or maybe the guy appearing three minutes in is just a local “character”. Replies to the youtube clip give witness asto that guy (with the scarf) being a a local fixture in that place every day of the year. If so I’m sorry to have thrown any shadow of suspicion on him.

  3. ‘Friendly’ immigrant turned radical, I am skeptical of these ‘friendly’ Islamists they are part of an ever growing ‘fifth column’ of radical Jihadists. We must not become paranoid however we must be ever vigilant. Much of it is a well scripted acting to gain our confidence and trust, to live and work among us, to act and dress very western and secular. Then when the time comes change hats and perpetrate jihad on the ‘enemies’ of Islam.

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