Global Warming


Bewailing the death of a tree.

The thing is, these whack-jobs have like minded statist politicians in power who are actively working to screw up your livelihood and economic future. KGS


LOS ANGELES — What if a trimmed tree could sue as an amputee or a shucked clam could claim wrongful eviction?

In an effort to ban everything from drilling oil to incinerating garbage, about a dozen communities across the country have adopted ordinances that give nature legal standing and water down the rights of businesses.

The long-debated philosophy could face court challenges. But it has gained traction among those who believe the environment needs greater protection, even while critics ridicule the thought of arming bugs with legal rights against foes such as lawn mowers.

“What if nature had rights?” said Shannon Biggs, with Global Exchange. “What if the Amazon could sue an oil company for environmental damage?”

…Proponents, however, say they recognize their burgeoning movement may take some time to get results. Looking past the bug jokes and mocking poems, Price and others see their struggle to give nature legal standing as comparable to another historic effort that was years in the making.

“It took hundreds of challenges,” he said, “before racial segregation was overturned as the law of the land.”

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  1. These folks are useless to our society. I have news for them trees like other living things have a life span. I they really cared they would be adult, get off their behinds and volunteer for many of the tree planting and conservation projects that many service organizations perform all over the US. But no, these brainwashed dimwits would rather act like two year olds. I assume they never saw the complete regrowth of Yellowstone National Forest a few years after a huge wildfire. Tell these folks not to worry nature has a way of healing and taking care of itself.

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