This is nonsense. So the Middle East is going to be transformed by watching these clowns? I think not. The Islamic ME and Muslim communities here in Europe and in the US, have already seen the results of the enlightenment, as a Barry Rubin article just recently noted.

The Funda-muslims definitely will (and do) reject Western liberalism, as well as a good majority of those Muslims who identify with most, but not all  of the Islamic ideology. The only people “influenced” by Western shows are those who have pretty much rejected much of the Islamic lifestyle already. KGS

George Clooney, Desperate Housewives fight jihad

J’lem Post: US diplomatic cable released by Wikileaks shows that US films and TV shows are “a means of countering extremists” in Saudi Arabia.

American films and television shows, such as the Late Show with David Letterman, Friends and Desperate Housewives have helped persuade Saudi youth to reject extremism, according to a US diplomatic cable released by Wikileaks this week.

The cable, which was sent in May 2009 from Riyadh and titled “Ideological and Ownership Trends in the Saudi Media,” featured a section called “David Letterman, Agent of Influence.”

More here.

NOTE: The way Hollywood has taken to attacking it own country and on so many different leves, it wouldn’t surprise to see an even greater number of jihadis getting ginned up against the US from watching Hollywood.

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