Islamic tomfoolery Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia, a place where one can visit the 7th century and not be in a museum. KGS


TSN: Sounds like witchcraft to me,
so start looking for a new maid

NOTE: Question is, why did she think her Saudi employers needed to like her more? Sounds like typical Saudi abused maid syndrome. No doubt, and real soon, we will be hearing of yet another asian maid on trial for her life.

Emirate 24/7: An Asian housemaid who was caught fouling the drinking water for her employers in Saudi Arabia told police she did so to make them love her, a Saudi newspaper reported on Sunday.

The 32-year-old maid was caught by her employer as she was adding dirt to the water tank at the house in the eastern town of Tarut, the paper said.

He took her to the police and she told them that she had done so because this will make the family love her and also make them love each other more…she said this is practiced in her country,” the paper said without indentify the maid.

It quoted police spokesman Lt Colonel Ziad Al Ruqaiti as saying housemaids should be continuously watched by their employers as some of them “indulge in witchcraft and other illegal practices.”

Nearly one million maids from Indonesia and other Asian nations work in Saudi Arabia, the largest Arab economy and the world’s leading oil exporter.

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