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The term “mush for brains” comes to mind whenever the Tundra Tabloids thinks or hears of the Finnish blogger, Panu Höglund, a long time cult figure in the Finnish blogosphere. He’s a sworn enemy of the anti-mass immigration critical movement in Finland, regularily calls them Nazis, and demands that the Finnish counterintelligence agency (SUPO) should take action against them. Panu’s bio on his blog reads as follows:

I am a man of temperance, and an academic yob in Turku who functions as a translator, a linguist and as a Gaelic language activist. My political views are left-wing Conservative. If that’s not to your liking, it’s your own problem.

So as the TT stated earlier, Höglund is a committed Finnish Lefty, as well as being an academic, and according to a trusted TT source, he is widely loathed not only because of his bad personal hygiene but also because he bullies his opponents and censors their posts from his blog. Hmmm, kind of sounds like the husky voiced ponytailed blogger at LGF.

But I digress. Not only does he pretend to be a victim of harassment from the anti-mass immigration critical movement here, he’s a crackpot conspiracy theorist to boot. Writing on his blog over at the “Kolinaa PANUhuoneesta: Rattling in the BOILER-room“, (Panu is a also a Finnish name), Höglund tries to equate the handful of Finns who serve(d) in the Israeli IDF with that of the degenerates who convert to Islam then head elsewhere to fight in the Jihad against the infidel.

The deeply devout  zahal-tourist Finns will undoubtedly rely on the fact that God commands them to do so. The fact that Finland has peacekeepers in the region to which these young assistants, supported by the army may cause a risk of death, does not raise an alarm. The case is now, however,  that any such following of God is not in any way different from the reasons that Muslims engage in submission to jihad tourism and if we condemn one of the phenomenon, we must condemn the other.

Whether or not Finns, Jews and/or Christians are enlisting in the IDF because they feel “drawn” to do so, has nothing in common, morally, with jihadis (converts or otherwise) seeking to join the international jihad to kill people. That this Leftard can’t figure that out is not a surprise. He’s too wrapped up in his anti-Christian and anti-Israel hatred ideologically driven viewpoint to see how silly it all is.

It’s the main reason why he can’t see the difference between a Finn serving in an army that follows a select, moral standard of guidelines, and regardless of the smears and propaganda, follows a very strict reading of the Geneva Conventions, and a Finnish convert who hangs with reprobates sending suicide/homicide bombers into the middle of a crowded market, and who knows, even carrying it out himself. KGS

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