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It’s the kind of talk that takes place in pretty much all of the Islamic world, it so in your face in the UK, because they believe that Anjem is just a lone provocateur, somehow being outside the mainstream of Islam.

No doubt that there are many Muslims who do not share his views, but it would be interesting to see the debate between those people, and Choudary and his well versed ilk around the world (who hold long pedigrees in sharia). I wonder who would win out when the day was over, either through debate or by intimidation? KGS

H/T Gaia

DAILY STAR: HATE preacher Anjem Choudary last night urged a Muslim uprising against the royal wedding. The hardliner is demanding a boycott of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s big day.

He said it would be against Islam for Muslims to celebrate the nuptials. And he urged followers to snub the nation’s partying and instead spend the day “making the call to Islam”.

The fanatic’s Islam4UK hate group was banned by the Government earlier this year under anti-terror laws. Choudary, 43, said: “We ask people not to participate in the Christian and Jew celebrations.

“It will be just another normal day to us.” Tory MP Philip Davies branded him an “idiot”. He said: “This chap’s agenda isn’t about good relations. “Most Muslims are far more sensible and will celebrate the wedding.

“Choudary just wants to cause trouble and has exposed himself as a nasty piece of work.”

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