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By the looks of this latest article in the Amsterdam Post, the Austrian court has a lot of serious egg on its face, and may very well end up regretting their decision to prosecute this case. It has farce written all over it. KGS

The Amsterdam Post uses Henrik Clausen’s summary as the basis for its article which can be viewed here in full at the Gates of Vienna.

An excerpt:

The Dolna NEWS reporter was called as witness. Technicalities or re-recording equipment Were discussed by the judge, include the fact That of the first seminar, only half an hour was recorded.

The judge inquired about some of the statements being quoted from breaks, not from the seminar proper. Only three to four persons heard Thoss, not 32 or more, the Criterion for a statement being “public”. This is important for legal reasons, as only statements made to a large group can-be punishable.

–Why did the journalist quote statements made in the breaks, not part of the lecture? The journalists says “For journalistic reasons”. Also for dramaturgic Reason, thats it makes for a more dramatic and catching article.

–the judge asked if it was made clear in advance That Would be the reporter recording the seminars. She responded she had not Told That anyone, as her work constituted “investigative journalism”, a journalistic tool.

The proceedings had a Serious Breach of procedure: The journalist from NEWS.at leg had not summoned as a witness, yet was Permitted to take the stand. Witnesses are not permitted to be present at the hearings Before They are summoned. The defense lawyer Will Look Into Possible Consequences of this.

NOTE: The full transcript to the hearing is available here.

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