No folks, this Islamo-whackjob wasn’t simply “killed” in Iraq as The Local” headline depicts, the man blew himself up to get into that “brothel in the sky with virgins.” Oh, and do take note that the wife, in tow with several children, after not hearing from her husband for months, packs up all her belongings and heads for the la la socialist welfare state of Sweden. Then the Sweden Democrats get raked over the coals for telling the truth about Muslim immigration and sucking the rest of the life out of the failed nanny state. KGS

NOTE: How much do you want to bet that “Anna” is a daft Swede convert to Islam?

Swedish suicide bomber killed in Iraq

“What we know is that a Swedish citizen has carried out and therefore also died in an attack,” said Swedish foreign ministry spokesperson Camilla Åkesson Lindblom to the TT news agency.

According to Åkesson Lindblom, the 36-year-old was the perpetrator of the attack. But she claims that the foreign ministry is still unsure about the man’s age, when the attack took place, where it took place or what the consequences of the attack may have been.

“A lot is still uncertain,” she said.

“That’s what we’re looking into via our embassy.”

According to various Islamist websites, the man was a Swedish citizen with roots in Tunisia. He is said to have carried out an attack near Mosul in northern Iraq in early August.

The Expressen newspaper reports the man was a 36-year-old man who lived in the Stockholm area with his wife and several children. He was also a well-established businessman before moving with his family to Egypt in 2006.

His wife, referred to only as Anna, told the newspaper that her husband had gone to Iraq to fight for an insurgent group affiliated with al-Qaeda. After not hearing from her husband for months, she decided to move back to Sweden with her children.

On Monday, Anna received a phone call.

“It was a man who called. He said briefly, ‘Your husband is dead. He’s become a martyr’,” she told Expressen

“I’m proud of him.”

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  1. Yea, she’s Swedish. She was interviewed for an article in the Swedish NeoLiberal magazine “Neo” that was published last year. “Gunilla was apparently rather angered (on her blog) by the article as she didn’t realize that the conversation was to be used for an article. The article is available as a PDF file from their website (link below this post). “Gunilla”, as the convert wife is called in this article, is a devout niqab wearing muslima, active on radical muslim forums.

    She used to operate a blog at https://shaariah.bloggspace.se/ but it’s not been updated for almost a year. Mohamed Moumou, another “Swedish” man that blew himself (and others) up in Iraq was a friend of this couple. According to “Gunilla”, she knows of many “Swedes” that have joined and been killed during Jihad – Many more than actually reach the Swedish media.

    There are few people that I revile more than western men and women that convert to Islamo-facism .



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