Lets guess here, “the males” were
expecting the doctor to look like this

Notice how the The Local describes the assailantS being “just males” who happened to object go crazy on a doctor trying to save a woman from bleeding out, for being male. Gee, it doesn’t take too much to discern what’s actually in question here, now does it?

This is the reason for the success of Islam in changing societies to meet its own norms, the threat of violence is a very useful means for settling the status quo, its how Muslim communities have been doing things for centuries. The next time around a Muslim female is in trouble, do you think that this doctor won’t think twice before coming to her aid? KGS

Swedish doctor assaulted ‘for being a man’

A doctor at Örebro University Hospital in central Sweden was attacked and kicked recently by the relatives of a critical ill woman who had just given birth, because they objected to him being a male.

“He was attacked by the husband and received a kick to the groin,” said René Bangshöj at the hospital to the local Nerikes Allehanda (NA) daily.

The incident occurred on November 6th when the doctor entered the delivery room at the maternity ward at the hospital responding to a call from the woman’s attendant midwife. She had recently given birth and was bleeding heavily.

The woman’s husband screamed at the doctor that he should leave the room at once, but he refused and approached the patient to examine her. At this point he was attacked by the man.

The husband’s brother joined in the melee, attacking the doctor from behind, according to the newspaper.

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  1. The only solution is tell these 7th century throwbacks they must assimilate or vacate.

  2. There is a better solution. Force the government people to re-locate to that lands of the muslims to live. Each time an official is rounded up and sent to say, Pakistan the government will think twice about what they will allow muslims to get away with.
    It is time for the people to take action, seeing as how you are the ones who will suffer and die at the hands of muslims.

  3. Why weren’t they arrested? Around here assault and disturbing a medical procedure is a very serious offense.

  4. This is what happens when you let barbarians into a civilized country………hang on- it’s only going to get worse.

    1. Paul, I think you hit nailed it. It will get worse the more these intolerant types are greeted with yet more tolerance. It’s so obvious, that only the ideological driven fail to notice.

  5. If the doctor hadn’t attempted to treat the woman and she had bled out, her male relatives would have immediately brought a law suit against the hospital and doctor complaining of racial and religious discrimination and seeking monetary compensation .

    1. Exactly Tom. I feel however that the doctor, while more than likely thinking twice before acting in a similar situation, will seek to enforce better understanding of hospital rules. One way would be for the quick removal of Muslims from the room by security if they seem to reject a male doctor working on of their females.

    2. Can not win either way. What a sad society we live in, yet where I live(in a muslim country) a muslim doctor refused to treat my dive buddy after he had some injuries and it was perfectly OK.

  6. The doctor should have walked out and let the bitch bleed to death

    1. Being a real doctor he couldn’t let the two men come between him and his patient.

  7. I am glad the Swedes are waking up to the menace of Islam. I hope that the Britsish will have a similar awakening but I am not holding my breathe. Unfortunately according to recent reports the Swedes are sending Christian Iraqis back. Those are the ones who deserve to stay especially as the Christians are being murdered there

    1. I agree William. I have no problem whatsoever with Christian Arabs, of any group of refugees, this group should be of prime interest to the Christian West.

  8. It will become worse, much worse and will probably result in a nuke or two going off.

  9. Islamofasim is a mental disorder worthy of castration.

  10. Hey, Cletus, are you saying excessive testostorone is the biological root cause for islamofascism? Why, yes, bingo-bango. Think about it.

  11. They won’t assimilate. They won’t vacate. Those are not solutions but platitudes.

    It is too late for that. There are indeed two solutions. They are:

    1. Concede Europe to the Moslems. Those who stay can submit to the pact of Dhimmah or convert. Those who desire to live as free infidels can migrate to North America or Australia.

    2. Perpetrate a genocidal slaughter against the Moslems of Europe. Execute them without mercy or compunction, and without regard to age and gender. Give them no quarter, and make it utterly clear that any surviving Moslems are not welcome in Europe for one day longer. Demonstrate that those who cannot or will not leave will be killed.

    I am not condoning genocide. But those are the only two options when you assess the situation realistically.

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