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These people are sick I tell you, sick. Anyone, and the TT means anyone, (especially a certain British analyst at the Finnish UPI) who believes that Sweden is a normal democracy, are detached from reality. What is considered normal there is stunning. Commemorating the Kristalnacht, an event that’s widely deemed as the starting point for physical persecution of the Jews and their eventual extermination, being used in such an immoral, and callous way, speaks legions in how far that society has fallen. Absolutely stunning.
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Torchlight against racism

Kristianstad. Several leftist groups in Kristianstad organized a torchlight procession to commemorate Kristallnacht. But by the slogans to condemn it was more about struggle than to honor Holocaust victims.

About a hundred supporters of the SSU , the Left, Young left, the Communist Party and the Revolutionary Communist Youth Union gathered at the Little Square to participate together in a ceremony to commemorate Kristallnacht and Nazi victims.

In our society there is no place for a racist worldview, “said Hanna Awad, member of the Left party in local council government, and one of the speakers. 

The figures, made by leading representatives from the organizers, was more about class struggle and less about the Holocaust.

And when the participants marched off in a torchlight procession it was rained with slogans like “No fucking racial bickering, working class against the upper class!” “Long live Palestine ! Long live the Gaza Strip , Long live the intifada! ” and “A final deportation, Erik Almqvist over the bridge! “

Left Stone Hanna Awad, do not think it is wrong to express political opinions during the memorial ceremony dedicated to Holocaust victims.

We have the same tendencies in society today that they had then. But now one turns against the Muslims instead of Jews.

If there is no hatred of Jews today, do you mean?

– Well, it makes it safe. But it is not explicit and transparent in the same way in society. Just look at Sweden Democrats campaign on television, for example.

Do you not think it is a problem that some call for “long live the intifada” during a demonstration against the persecution of the Jews?

No, not at all. Kristallnacht was about oppression. Are not Israel ‘s occupation, oppression, perhaps? There is oppression everywhere. There is oppression in the workplace, in relationships and there is oppression in everyone’s daily life.

Even in Hässleholm held an annual demonstration on the occasion of Kristallnacht. There it was Hässleholm and all parties in the City Council who was the organizer.

Social Welfare Committee chairman Robin Gustavsson (KD) spoke at the collection in the foyer of Culture. Then resigned a torchlight procession through town with the church as the ultimate goal.

But that’s not all, the Swedish sister site of Politically Incorrect, takes the responsible of calling out the loon Left for it’s gross insensibility to Jews, and their support for genocidal maniacs, which is even more repulsive when considering the night that they were supposedly commemorating.

Kristallnacht is not the same. It can safely be said after that. Hateful Muslims, anarchists and young socialists from SSU, the Left, Young left, the Communist Party and the Revolutionary Communist Youth Union gathered in central Kristianstad November 9 for a commemoration of Kristallnacht. But rather than honor the murdered Jews of silence, it became instead a tirade of slogans against Israel, SD and meaningless babble about the class struggle. When we marched off in a torchlight procession shouted to “No bloody racial bickering, working class against the upper class,” “Long live Palestine! Long live the Gaza Strip! Long live the intifada! “And” One final deportation, Erik Almqvist over the bridge!

Interestingly, with this hypocrisy “In our society there is no place for a racist worldview, ” she confided. Hanna Awad might want to clean up its own house first.
That she refuses to acknowledge the persecution of Jews in Sweden is not surprising. There are of course other Muslims who engage in it, often and very specially in Malmö. Further, there is work with rabid Muslims with extreme right. The SD, in turn, is hated by both factions.
SD does not incite against the Jews in Sweden in any form. To the contrary, SD support on the whole for the state of Israel, makes it different from other MPs, and not least, the persecution of Jews in Sweden.
The SD and as the PI notes are anti-Islamisation and against religious fanaticism that Muslims try to impose on our secular society, where various squeaking Muslims are constantly trying to move forward. If you will not see the difference, then you are both deaf, dumb, blind.
More here (In Swedish)

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