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Malmö shooter suspect set for remand hearing

The 38-year-old man arrested on suspicion of murder and attempted murder in connection with the racist shootings in Malmö is set for a remand hearing on Tuesday as reports emerge linking one of his guns with shells found at a crime scene. 

The prosecutor has filed a remand request and the hearing is booked to be held in the security chamber at Malmö District Court from 12-1pm on Tuesday.

The man, named as Peter Mang by the Expressen daily on Tuesday, is suspected of murder and five cases of attempted murder.

According to the newspaper, police have concluded after tests that at least one of the weapons licensed to Mang matches bullet fragments found at one or more of the shootings of which he is suspected.

Skåne police spokesperson, Ewa-Gun Westford, declined to confirm the report.

Peter Mang was arrested on Saturday after a tip off from a member of the public. Police have confirmed only his age, that he “has a Swedish background” and that he does not have any previous criminal convictions.

A possible motive for the attacks has not been released by the police but Mang’s father was quoted by the Aftonbladet daily on Monday as saying that his son “lived in fear of immigrants taking over Swedish society”.

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