Israeli settlements


Build baby build!
Boo freaking hoo. The worry should be why the West allows the Arabs to push for a Jew free “Judea and Samaria”, especially when everyone knows that Israel has over a million Arabs. I thought apartheid was a bad thing, or is it somehow different when Arabs do it? KGS

“Israel has approved more than 1,300 new housing units in occupied east Jerusalem, settlement watchdog Peace Now said on Monday, in what a spokeswoman described as “a big provocation.”

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  1. Hi Guys,not related but worthwhile:

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  2. I live in Jerusalem and it really p!$$es me off that they keep saying "occupied East Jerusalem". It is nothing of the sort. Where they are building is in Jerusalem proper–arabs have never lived there. My other peeve is that arabs go EVERYWHERE they like without hassle, but if a Jew mistakenly goes down the wrong street they could die for it. The world has surely gone mad.

  3. News reports state that President O'Bama has labeled the housing project as "unhelpful to the peace process".

    In my view, it is the inability of Arabs to live with Jews as neighbors and fully empowered citizens that is "unhelpful to the peace process". If the Arabs didn't object to living next door to Jews, there wouldn't be a problem; none at all.

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