The banner shown in the photo in this story from Malmö reads: 
“Together we are bulletproof. Social injustice creates insecurity.”
The violence could be due in part (if it is indeed anti-immigrant related) to policies of successive governments’ in which whole sections of its cities are no longer Swedish. Though the perp committing the acts of violence is entirely to blame for his or her actions, perhaps divide and rule multiculturalism has played a role here? KGS
H/T: Fjordman
The Local: Malmö police received a further report on what could be another of the wave of shootings suspected to be directed against people of immigrant descent in the city, while residents came out in force to demonstrate against the violence.

Police received a report from a man on Östra Farmvägen in the Kartrinelund area of the city who thought that he had been the target of a shooting. “He said that he had heard some form of bang or a crack and we went over to speak to the man and search for any clues,” said Charley Nilsson at Skåne police.

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