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Imam Rauf: How dare you 
follow what I say in Arabic

This imam is a major scum bag, a wolf in wolf’s clothing, who feels that there’s no need for him to hide his true thoughts, aims and desires in Arabic, because when amongst “the brothers”, he’s just another fellow traveller, a like minded soul, all striving for the same thing, to place the world under the subjugation of Islam. Well the doofus imam doesn’t realize that there are people who actually follow what is spoken in the Muslim world, in all of the major languages spoken there. The days of saying one thing in Arabic and another in English are over pal. Is there really people out there who actually believe that this imam is a real stand up guy? KGS

‘Terror’ not firma for GZ imam

Ground Zero imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, who came under fire for once saying Osama bin Laden was “made in the USA,” yesterday stopped short of using the word “terrorists” to describe the murderous 9/11 hijackers, instead calling them “those who attacked America.”

During an interview on Al Jazeera TV, recorded during a trip to Doha in the Persian Gulf, Rauf was asked whether 9/11 affected the “discourse of American Muslims.”

Rauf, who has said he wants to be a bridge between the US and the Muslim world, said 9/11 caused some Americans to view Islam with suspicion.

Feisal Abdul Rauf: Islam was seen as a national security threat in America because the . . .,” Rauf said, pausing in mid-sentence before continuing, “because those who’ve attacked America utilized the vocabulary of religion.

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  1. Hi Guys.
    I'm sorry to dissapoint you ,but here he gives another explanation
    You just can't trust him :

    The source of prejudice against Islam in the West is not the Sept. 11 attacks but Islamophobia, which is caused by a lack of knowledge of Islam and provocative media articles.
    Rauf also noted that religious leaders, politicians and faith organizations gave their project strong support, adding that even President Barack Obama was in favor of the project. “We are now trying to explain to the people that it will be a cultural complex that will be constructed, not solely a mosque,” he said.
    Ok now it's again a mosque!



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