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  1. Nabila Ramdani is a despicable creature. A diehard Mohammedan agent, hellbent to turn the truth on its head and to do the bidding for the ummah.

    I'll gladly put that up and will write a small article about this.

    Notice the accusations of "racism, Islamophobia, bigotry", and most of all that "OUR governments are failing" as compared to Mohammedans are failing their hosts in humanity. She also hides behind humanitarian rubbish, as if nation states in Europe have no rights whatsoever to return illegal, criminal bands to their homelands.

    More later…

    Unfortunately, Ekeroth comes across as weak in this debate. I would have shaken her out of her tree…..

  2. Yeah Kent needs to be more forceful in his debating. There were a lot of good moments lost.

  3. Kent was set up. The RT presenter again and again fed her a leading question for which she had a (long winded) prepared reply. Obvious collusion. Her replies didn't address Kent's points, such as that the Swedish immigration is based largely on asylum seekers and family reunification and not based on an economic "gast arbeiter" importation of workforce. She stuck to her script.

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