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The Tundra Tabloids loathes socialism, every manner of it, from hard tyranny Marxism all the way to the soft tyranny of European democratic socialism. In the Tundra Tabloids opinion, the degrees that separate these dangerous ideologies are marginal, each are prime examples of statist rule and have inflicted, and will continue to inflict, untold misery upon humanity.
The truth be told, everyone should be rejecting socialism, every aspect of it, not proudly wearing its symbols as a badge of honor in the city streets and worse yet, in the city hall. But such is the ironic twist of history, in which the two decidedly evil twins of Russian International Socialism (Communism) and German National Socialism (Nazism) waged war upon the other, first in the propaganda department for the heart and soul of Europe, then through all out war.
The memorial to the Soviets who captured Berlin during WWII
Taken by the TT during a recent trip to Berlin
The West had to choose one of the sides to ally itself with, and since the Germans made their move first, due to Hitler’s absconding with almost half of Europe first, it was an easy choice for them, so the West ended up allying itself with the Communist USSR. The Socialist nexus of the Soviets and Nazis had a grand design for the total takeover of Europe, dividing it in separate spheres of their own influence. 
What happened during the cold war was exactly what the Soviets planned with the Germans, but in the aftermath of WW II, they had to contend themselves with their partners being the Free West. So then Nazi Germany became the chief villain for both sides, when in fact, the Soviets were even worse than the Nazis. Adding insult to injury, the Soviets even had their image somewhat enhanced by the socialists of Europe, who were opting for a “softer dumbed down version of socialism” which was seen in the end as a rival.
So, here we see an undesirable situation where communist flags, buttons and other forms of imagery flying in the wind in Europe, when in fact they should be reduced to the same level of disgust and contempt as Nazi memorabilia. So theN it’s great to see the Middle East Cowboys’ editor, Dennis Mitzner taking on the subject due to his witnessing the communist flag being waved in a Peace Now demonstration in Tel Aviv. The Tundra Tabloids shares in his disgust. KGS

Peace Now…or else

by Dennis Mitzner

I happened to walk by a Peace Now demonstration yesterday. As with other seemingly neutral pro-peace human rights organizations, Peace Now is an advocate group for the Palestinian narrative. Peace Now, Gush Shalom and other groups are indistinguishable from the far-left.

As you can see from the video (at 00:32) that I shot, one of the marchers is carrying a large red flag, with a hammer crossed with a sickle. 

Millions of people were murdered in the name of this symbol. It stems from either madness, or ignorance, to carry such a flag in Tel Aviv where many descendants of the Jews who were either imprisoned or murdered under the auspices of the Soviet symbol live. The symbol should be treated with the same steadfast abhorrence that is usually reserved for the Nazi swastika.

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  1. AND… Do not forget the modern version of socialism, that is pan-Arabism or more precisely Arab-soacialism. Why Arab? Because Koran is valid in Arabic. The link between socialism and Islamism is too obvious to hide, but it is amazing home little it is discussed about in public.

  2. Right you are Kumitonttu. it's one more nail into the coffin of humanity.

  3. Hitler was not Socialist.
    They used the socialist term to get people on the left to support them. Hitler wiped out socialists and communists after he took power.
    show me the link and the proof that hitler was a socialist.

  4. Let's not leave out all of those trendy 'T' shirts and posters with the image that famous so-called revolutionary the repulsive 'Che Guevara'. While on vacation in Greece I saw a few Russians wearing 'T' shirts with Jozef Stalin, some folks just can't get enough Communism.

  5. Hitler was not a Socialist because he wiped out Socialists and Communists after he attained power?

    Ah, I get it. Lenin was not a Communist either, because he too wiped out a lot of Socialists and Communists after he took power.

    Hitler believed in an all powerful state. So did Lenin.

    Hitler believed in state control of much of the industry. So did Lenin.

    Hitler believed in building a new National Socialist Man via the intensive brainwashing of children. Ditto Lenin for the new International Socialist Man.

    Hitler wanted to export his National Socialism to the rest of the world by force. Ditto Lenin and Stalin.

    Nazism and Socialism/Communism are not opposite extremes of a straight line. They are the meeting point of a circle.

    Both killed tens of millions over the last century. Both called themselves Socialists.

    Socialists today still call themselves Socialists, despite their murderous history.

    Not very nice people at all.

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