Here’s another prime example of discrimination and bigotry directed towards the host population by ingrate immigrants, something that the Tundra Tabloids has been reporting on lately. All of this can be blamed upon the current policies that have been thrust upon the citizenry by the multi-culti self anointed elite. They turn a rather blind eye towards the violent and racist activities of the immigrant minority, because they are the minority, and their pet cause.
It’s the very same behavior exhibited towards the Arabs, in their ongoing conflict against the Jewish state of Israel, turning a blind eye to the outrages they commit, is the cornerstone of ehir policy in treating minorities and the 3rd world countries they hail from. It’s a racist and bigoted approach to people, but that’s part of the accepted culture of these multiculturalists, whether its on the domestic home front, or in the halls of the EU or UN. 
Thanks to Fjordman for the H/T to this Politically Incorrect story.

Too Blond for Multi-Culti

In Toulouse, a 16-year-old girl was attacked in the open street by her schoolmates because she was stupid enough not to dye her blond hair in a different color. Whether blond hair is part of the insults against the immigrants that the German Federal President was talking about, or whether we should interpret incidents like this one as cultural enrichment.

Die WELT reports:
A group of girls attacked a 16-year-old girl in the street and injured her. The reason for this was that the girl had the wrong hair color.
A 16-year-old prep student was attacked in the open street in Toulouse because she was blond. The newspaper “Le Parisien” reported this on the weekend in connection with the local paper “La Dépêche du Midi.”
The female attackers were, according to the report, middle school pupils aged 14 to 15. At a metro station in Toulouse they insulted the girl with the words “Stupid blond! I don’t like blonds!” in a totally surprising way. Then they pressed out a cigarette on the arm of the victim and pulled the hair of the girl.
One of the attackers filmed the incident with her cellphone, the two newspapers reported. When the girl tried to flee, the other prep students followed after and and put out another cigarette on her wrist. The attackers were arrested and brought before a juvenile judge.
According to “Le Parisien,” a similar incident occurred back at the beginning of September in the Nord department (similar to a state), in the town Marcq-en-Baroeul. There were also three girls here who were helped by a boy. They attacked another girl on the street, robbed her and stated that all this happened because the victim was blond.
Of course we understand. We’re supposed to eliminate ourselves…

UPDATE: A list of code words that lefties use with regards to whites.

1. “Diversity.” Euphemistically, “diversity” means, “we need fewer white people.” This is a major leftist code word, which is often used as a rhetorical weapon against whites.

2. “Tolerance.” Translation: Whites must be tolerant and even bend over backwards to be accommodating of non-whites, but non-whites can be as militant, feisty, and aggressive towards us as they please. Oh, and if we object, we’re racists.

3. Speaking of that, the next word is “racist.” That might not seem like a code word to you, but it is. “Racist” simply means a white person, because guess what? Only white people can be racists! (ie. racism = prejudice + power, members of oppressed groups cannot be racist, etc).

4. “Multiculturalism.” This ties in with diversity, but differently. This word implies that whites have no culture, that whites are only allowed to celebrate other peoples’ cultures but not their own, that the cultural decline of whites is to be celebrated, etc.

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