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That’s the reason for my book

Finland’s own Timo Vihavainen went through the vilification process with the release of his book “The West’s Destruction” almost a year ago.  The TT will place a portion of a Helsingin Sanomat article about Vihavainen’s book at the bottom of the post. It’s a devastating appraisal of not only Finnish society but of the Left in general. KGS

Majority approve debate following Sarrazin’s claims

A majority of Austrians regard Thilo Sarrazin’s controversial ideas a “justified approach” to re-discuss integration issues, a poll has shown.
Viennese researchers Karmasin found 51 per cent of Austrians said the outgoing Deutsche Bundesbank executive board member’s statements were a good starting point to kick off a discussion about Austrian immigration and integration issues. Only 39 per cent said they did not agree, magazine profil reports today (Mon).
German pollsters said recently six in 10 Germans consider the German Social Democrat’s (SPD) remarks – made in his new book “Deutschland schafft sich ab” (Germany Abolishes Itself) – a justified bid to start a fresh debate about immigration and integration of Muslims and other ethnic groups.
Another result of Karmasin’s survey is that 48 per cent of Austrians said Deutsche Bundesbank’s decision to dismiss Sarrazin over his claims were unjustified. Thirty-four per cent said the bank made the right decision.
Sarrazin sparked a Europe-wide debate by claiming willingness to work and intelligence quotient partly depended on people’s ethnic origin. Germany’s Muslim community was especially angered by his statements.  More here.

“It is a typical story of the intellectuals, going on the cheap. Finnish intellectuals awhile ago took a wrong step into Stalinism, but it has not learned anything,” says Vihavainen. 
Post-modern intellectuals emphasizing pluralism deem all of equal value and hush critical debate in the name of political correctness. Before, there was an inforced silence due to the Soviet Union. Now there’s silence, for example, due to feminism and immigration.
“Feminism is certainly a taboo. It is very similar to that of socialism at some point. Everyone said that I’m some kind of socialist, because socialism meant all the best of what was invented in the world,” says Vihavainen. 
According to him, feminism and women’s studies are immune to criticism. “It’s like the communist ideology at one time, which proved itself to be true and made it impossible to criticize, because from outside the system, it could not be criticized.” 
Then an even more profound issue, immigration is reached. Vihavainen labels immigration in his book, as “a suicide of the Western culture.” Immigration to him is like a Jubilee march of the mad, in which the turmoil is already known in advance. Still, it’s gone along with, because no one wants to look the truth in the eyes. 
What’s in question is such a big taboo, that the options are not discussed. Vihavainen argues that the prevailing doctrine is that it’s wrong and discriminatory to assume that immigration could give rise to persistent and unwanted results for Finland. According to him, the truth is that the difficulties have begun in every European country where the number of immigrants has increased over a certain thresh hold. 
“We have this righteous perception that immigrants come just to take care of the elderly, and fill the other low-paying jobs and to serve the consumer society without consuming from the society very much themselves.
Unless immigrants learn the language properly, they remain second-class citizens and bitter. The result could be riots in the suburbs, in the French or Swedish style. 
Most of the problems are, according to Vihavainen, due to Islam.
“Islam’s basic message is very aggressive. Islam is a living religion which is taken very seriously in some circles. People who come from the world’s most primitive places- Somali has always been at the bottom end of the meter – are culturally, terribly far from the western world.” The culture shock is huge, “says Vihavainen . 

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