The Swedish Left is relentless in trying to intimidate their opposition, the Sweden Democrats. What these thugs are saying is that, it’s open season on everyone who agrees with opinions outside of their own. They are truly painting a target on the back of every SD candidate and supporter, and are clearly responsible if anything happens to any of these people. KGS
NOTE: Instead of debating the issues, the Left and other self anointed elitists choose to intimidate, malign and smear their opponents. 

Sweden Democrat members exposed in leak

“It is an old database… which the attacker presumably got hold of in the weekend’s hacker attack. We have filed a police report,” SD press spokesperson Erik Almqvist told the Dagens Nyheter (DN) daily.

But according to several Swedish bloggers rumours began circulating in the weeks running up to Sunday’s general election that the Sweden Democrats’ member list had been obtained by hackers back in April.

Either way the list was published on Monday and is presented as a search engine enabling visitors to the site to “Get to know your local Sweden Democrats” and “Find a friend near you” with the possibility to search according to town, street address or telephone number.

According to Almqvist the information has not been actively collected by the party, but has been filed by the applicants themselves.

Almqvist argued to DN that the details have been published in order to scare current and potential members, although he sought to play down the importance of the information.

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