al-Husseini clan


Abd al-Qader al-Husseini: That’s how we

we did it back in the old days, blade meet neck.

This is exactly what the Arabs did, most noticeably the Al-Husseini clan, during the years prior to the birth of the Jewish state of Israel. Arab land owners and/or Arabs acting as intermediaries for Turkish land owners selling property to Jews were ordered to cease the practice on pain of death.
That is how Jews became the principle owners of the land known then, before Jewish independence, as the Yeshuv, thereby debunking the myth that the UN “gave the land to the Jews”. The UN vote on the division of Palestine (it already did so, in part, when the Brits gave the Hashmites Trans-Jordan) only reflected the facts on the ground, the partition recognized Jewish sovereignty in the areas where they formed the majority, bought and paid for. KGS

Arab land dealer who sold to Israelis: ‘I fear for my life

Claims senior PA officials have themselves sold property to Jews, appeals to Israeli authorities and philanthropists to help him. One day after the Palestinian Authority reaffirmed the death penalty for Palestinians who sell land to Israelis, one of the most prominent Arab land dealers called on the Israeli authorities to help him and other Palestinians whose lives are at risk. The veteran land dealer, who asked not to be identified by name – although his identity is known to the PA and many Arab residents in Jerusalem – also appealed to settler groups and American Jewish millionaire Irwin Moskowitz for assistance. The PA’s latest threat should be taken “very seriously,” the land dealer, who belongs to a large clan in the city, told The Jerusalem Post. The PA “has many agents in east Jerusalem who serve as informants and enforcers,” he said.

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