We may be Shiia and Sunni, 
but we have a plan

These two Mohammedans, regardless of the Shiia-Sunni divide, hate their enemies more than each other,.. for now. Both value the prospect of getting a huge Islamic state into the EU, then the Islamization will really surge ahead. That’s something maroon EU politicians have failed to relay to their constituents. KGS

Iran donates $25 million to Turkey’s ruling party

Western diplomats say they are alarmed by reports that Mr Erdogan has negotiated a deal with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for Tehran to make a substantial contribution to the campaign funds of Turkey’s leading Islamic party.
Under the terms of the deal Iran has agreed to transfer $12 million to the AKP, with further payments of up to $25 million to be made later in the year. The money is to help support Mr Erdogan’s campaign for re-election for a third term in next year’s general election.
The Turkish prime minister announced he would stand for a historic third term following his success in last weekend’s referendum on constitutional reform.
The government argued that the reforms were necessary to improve Turkey’s chances of membership to the European Union. But secular critics of the reforms, which provide the government with powers to overrule Turkey’s powerful judiciary, argue that they will pave the way for a key Western ally (TT: former) to become an Islamic state.

The judiciary is widely regarded as the guardian of Turkey’s secular constitution. In 2008 it came close to banning the AKP after it campaigned for women attending university courses to wear Islamic headscarves.
Western diplomats now fear that the AKP’s deal with Iran will heighten fears among Turkish secularists that Mr Erdogan will exploit the government’s new powers to drive through the AKP’s radical Islamic agenda.
“The agreement between the AKP and Iran is a very worrying development,” said a senior Western diplomat. “It will increase the suspicions of many Turks that the government is deepening its ties with Islamic states.

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