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The Tundra Tabloids has been sounding the warning to all Finns and other Europeans who read these pages, that you’re fooling yourself if you think that Finland, or any other member state of the EU is looked at by Brussels as “sovereign”. It just isn’t so. Now, if you think France faces a problem with evicting non-French migrants from its territory, just think of the nightmare situation of a Muslim Turkey with a fundamentalist Muslim regime heading it, filling the other member states with its people, all the while claiming a right to do so, and encouraging them not to assimilate.

Yep, that’s Europe’s future if they allow the Turks in. Either way, Europe is pretty much screwed any which way you look at it, being swamped by Muslim immigrants thought to help with a black hole socialist welfare system that sucks the life out of the private sector. Yep, Europe is so screwed, it’s just that the admission of Turkey into an already grossly anti-democratic EU, would push things way over the edge that much sooner. KGS
H/T Vlad
Brussels: How best can I screw the French,
And everyone else for that matter?

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  1. I suggest that these pompous blowhards in the EU take all of the Roma and others to their own countries and put them on the dole at once. Many of these 'Poverty stricken' Roma are part of a centuries old culture of steal to live, live to steal. They travel Europe and the US and Canada seaching for the most lucrative places to perpetrate their scams while living on the dole. The lazy ones live in hovels the smart ones always have wads of cash and lots of gold jewelry.

  2. I can't speak about all Roma, but there are severe problems with their culture which doesn't deserve fixing at the non-Roma peoples' expense.

  3. I hate to see when a people of a group got undeserved rights do to treathning and bombning, and then the Roma are still treated like shit everywhere.

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