Ramadanadingdonging in the aisles
This is in connection to the incident at the Finnish female gym where Muslims were crowding the locker room, praying and eating meals. Now some dim wit has turned over public facilities to the Muslims, though a mosque is only 500 meters away. KGS

H/T: Kumitonttu

Länsiväylä: A central Espoo library operating out of the Entresse shopping mall has arranged a partition for an isolated prayer space for Muslims.
-This is a temporary arrangement for the period of Ramadan. There is not going to be a permanent place of prayer for them here, regional library director Terhi Nikulainen declares.
He points out that of the loyal customers who enjoy the library, more than half are Somalis.
-We wanted to serve this group during this period, in which case they will have to pray several times a day. The idea for their own prayer sessions was according toNikulainen, last week’s story about the prayer ban at the gym operating at the Entresse mall.

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