The  United Nations Committee Against Torture is all hot and bothered that the Finns are keeping some deportees in correctional facilities due to overcrowding in a deportation center. Ok, so who is going to pay for another deportation center, us the taxpayers? Pity the poor deportees who lied to get into Finland and who are now forced to have a roof over their head and three squares a day in a warm facility with plenty of caring attendees. Ok, they’re in prison, but it’s better than being in cardboard shacks the Gypsies from Romania are setting up for themselves in Helsinki and elsewhere. KGS

Practice of Imprisoning Deportees Draws Fire

Hundreds of foreign nationals awaiting deportation are held in police facilities due to overcrowding at Finland’s only detention unit. The United Nations Committee Against Torture has reprimanded Finland for the practice.
This year, 500 to 600 such cases have been reported so far.
Foreign nationals can be placed in the detention centre if they are to be deported, or if authorities need to establish their identity. This can include asylum seekers or non-EU citizens.
Although these people are not guilty of any crime, they are often housed in police facilities until the country’s only official detention centre has room to accommodate them. The detention centre can house just 40 people.
Juha Holopainen of the Immigration Police says Finnish officials are not always to blame for the backlog at the detention centre.
”Often the delays are not due to Finnish officials. For example, collaboration between officials at transport firms and the destination countries takes time.”
This year, stays at the detention centre have increased by around a month. Meanwhile, time spent in police custody has also lengthened. On average, these people have to spend a few days in prison-like facilities. In rare cases, they could be there for weeks.
According to the law, persons at detention centres should be able to move about, go outside, visit with others, exercise and have access to the internet.

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