Now folks, remember this article warning of what the Hez-nazis are doing inside of S.Lebanon, they are preparing for another round of hostilities with the IDF, and have been placing their arsenal within the civilian population, a direct violation of the Geneva codes on war, and they couldn’t care less about it. 
What the world needs to know is that it’s incredibly hard to both defend your citizenry while limiting civilian casualties, and the Arabs know that. These Arabs are war criminals, and they’ve been busy doing so under the watchful of UNIFIL forces supposedly policing the area of the Lebanese southern border with Israel.
Mark my words, if nothing changes in the media’s style of reporting, the next flare up of hostilities will be used as a chance to rake Israel over the coals, for a “disproportionate use of power”. It’s a cynical, devious game played by the Hez-Nazis and their media lackeys, but very effective. KGS

US envoy Oren warns: Hizbullah has 15,000 rockets on border

Ambassador says Islamist group amassing arsenal in southern Lebanon with long enough range to hit Eilat; missiles now hidden beneath hospitals, homes and schools to avoid Israeli Air Force strikes.
Hizbullah has an arsenal of approximately 15,000 rockets amassed on Lebanon’s border with Israel, including some with a long enough range to hit the southern city of Eilat, US envoy Michael Oren told AFP on Friday.
“The Syrian-Iranian backed Hizbullah poses a very serious threat to Israel…Hizbullah today now has four times as many rockets as it had during the 2006 Lebanon war. These rockets are longer-range. Every city in Israel is within range right now, including Eilat,” he said.
Oren expressed Israeli concerns with Hizbullah’s concealment of the weapons as well.
“In 2006, many of their missiles were basically out in the open, in silos and the Israeli air force was able to neutralize a great number of them…Today those same missiles have been placed under hospitals, and homes and schools because Hizbullah knows full well if we try to defend ourselves against them, we will be branded once again as war criminals.”

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