This says more of the EU trade commissioner, Karel De Gucht’s ignorance than of his anti-Semitism. The man has yet to be confronted by someone asking the obvious question as to why these so called, “peace talks” don’t ever succeed? What’s he trying to say here, that the Israelis want peace but their fellow Jews, who strongly backed Obama in the elections (as did lefty Christians) want their brethren to fail in achieving some kind of peace?
The highly talked about Jewish Lobby is supposedly so powerful, but yet fail time and again to be effective in getting important weapons sales to their Arab enemies blocked. Interestingly enough, the ignoramus only mentions the Jewish Lobby, while it’s conservative Christians who make up Israel’s largest bulk of support. Anyways, the Tundra Tabloids has repeatedly stated here on this blog that the main reasons for there being no peace in the region, is that the Arabs do not want it to be so, the moment they drop their interest in carrying on with the fight, their war is over.
There is also one more element to the fight, that is totally out of Israel’s hands, how Muslims treat their holy texts and understand them in the present day, that more than anything else has contributed to the stalemate between the two sides. Understanding that they do not want a Jewish “entity” in the region any more than they wanted a Christian Lebanon, is crucial to understanding the conflict as a whole. 
Remember, Israel has been fighting a sustained battle against the jihad long before the modern West got involved. KGS

A situation begging to be handled properly

Karel De Gucht, is just another ignorant EU bureaucrat,
please toss him some good conundrums and dilemmas
NOTE: If you really want to have some answers on why the situation between the Arabs and Israel has never gone forward, always stop here at the Tundra Tabloids as well as at Barry Rubin’s Rubin Reports.
The president of the European Jewish Congress has demanded an apology from a senior EU politician after he suggested that the Middle East peace talks would fail because of “the Jewish lobby”. Moshe Kantor called trade commissioner Karel De Gucht’s remarks antisemitic and said they should concern “everyone who seeks a more tolerant Europe”. Mr De Gucht had told a Belgian radio station that he saw “few reasons to think that there is this time more reason for success.” He said: “Do not underestimate the Jewish lobby on Capitol Hill…on American policy, whether on Republicans or Democrats. “It is the best organised lobby there.”

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