Lying Bastards US Democrats


Talk about a meltdown, this woman knew she was caught with her skirt hanging around her ankles, and that soon her political career will be coming to an abrupt end. What was it that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said when she gained the chair? Oh yeah I know:
“This leadership team will create the most honest, most open, and most ethical Congress in history” – Speaker-Elect Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) 17 Feb 2009 

Via Breitbart

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  1. That this woman could not see anything unethical in this sordid little tale is beyond belief.

    And when confronted with the fact that these forms have to be signed by the applicants, she states that she has never even seen the forms, and they are not on file – apparently gone missing – just a huge coincidence of course.

    And the typical red herrings when confronted with the truth.

    E.g., "You are just trying to create a scandal."

    No, madam, you did that all by yourself.

  2. Thanks Raymond. It's actually quite amusing piece of video, a CNN journo going after a Black female Democrat who's lying through her teeth.

    How many times does that happen, I mean the media turning the screws on their fellow ideologues?

  3. I made a mistake.
    I paid the money back
    (out of my own pocket !).
    I'm ready to move on.

    US politicians have the same hymn sheet as that used by UK politicians in the recent expense scandals. At least the UK politicians were not so directly misappropriating funds that would otherwise have been used in their own constituency to give a number of disadvantaged black kids a life changing scholarship.

    I wonder if the shredders are overheating in the offices of some other members of congress ?

  4. Good observation and question Tom, these people think we serve at their pleasure, they think that breaking laws is of no consequence since they are above the mere mortals.

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