Rabbi Ovadia Yosef


Arab Christian dhimmi stooge Saab Erekat:
We totally condemn this rabbi’s taking
a page straight from our own handbook

Here is what Rabbi Ovadia Yosef stated:

The head of Shas’s Council of Torah Sages and senior Sephardi adjudicator had, in his weekly Saturday night sermon, referred to Abbas and the Palestinian people as “our enemies and haters… May they vanish from the world, may God smite them with the plague, them and the Palestinians, evil-doers and Israelhaters.”

After decades of enduring one homicidal wave after another, a Rabbi says enough is enough. It doesn’t absolve him from the acidic remarks however. Too bad Palestinian leaders can’t do the same about their religious leaders who foment Israel hatred everyday in their mosques, media and society as a whole. All they need to do is crack open a Koran, and the Muslims are foaming with rage at the Jew.  KGS

NOTE: It’s totally laughable that Erekat, an Arab Christian lackey, is expressing shock and hurt feelings over the Rabbi’s words, while this creep has never taken a serious stand on Palestinian extremism, never. 

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  1. Erekat should ask himself why are all the Christians immigrating and leaving the Palestinian territories? And it is not because of Israel although I am sure that is what he will say, so why bother asking.

  2. So, the PA can daily call for Jews to be killed, maimed and wiped from the earth, but a single (as in one) rabbi's prayer brings global condemnation? No words…

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