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Another ludicrous Lefty who couldn’t tell his butt from a whole in the ground even if his life depended on it. These leftards can’t find the words to debate a black american who proudly stands with Republicans to denounce the racist card politics within the Democrat party. 

Allen West:

This is the long awaited resurgence of Black America to the Republican party, who have seen the Democrat party’s welfare system and paternalism for what it is, a new form of bondage and oppression, and have decided to cast their lot with the Tea Party movement to help steer all Americans away from these hugely counterproductive race based politics. 


Notice that one of the white guys shouts about these blacks leaving their religion, the black man’s religion of Islam. I can’t think of a more absurd and highly offensive statement to make of an African American. Only a patronizing, racist humanitarian could be so stupid to utter such a statement. Blacks were first enslaved by Islam, tapping into the African continent’s already slave culture that existed between the warring tribes and nations. Here’s a video that explains much more about it. KGS

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  1. Someone should tell them the in arabic the word for the black man is "slave". Islam will force them into the former dhimmi status if it ever comes to power. Any "non-arab" is considered to be a lower level–but they will make use of anyone they can to gain their goals

  2. Exactly right. Well said. The Arabic word Ibd still is used for blacks to this day.

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