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All that’s missing is the Hamas rat, Farfour, telling children that he’ll soon be a shahid at the hands of the evil Jooooos. Thanks to Vlad for putting this video up, it shows the lengths the al-BBC and the leftards will go in order to rewrite history, and laughably, using a very cheap version of Monty Python’s humour to do it. This is a really gross display of nonsense dressed in the garb of a history lesson. KGS
Vlad:Frankly, to properly answer all the misinformation, disinformation and outright lies of the BBC propaganda video about the crusades and middle ages, I would need a month at least and the result would be absurd as I would have to stop the video every 90 frames and cut in with what is wrong. So I had to content myself with addressing some of the worst outright lies of this video and one major ‘oversight’.

I am hoping Fjordman is going to send me more specifics about how this deception is being put upon the British public sometime this week which I will publish here, but in the meantime I strongly suggest a decent book on the crusades such as The New Concise History of the Crusades which is an excellent book and actually factual and good history methodologically speaking.…

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  1. That is unfriggingbelievable. Is the BBC the indoctrination arm for jihad? The BBC must only employ leftists and Muslims. How embarrassing and disturbing. I really can't believe such trash could actually be put on the air and their website. oh wait, yes I can.

  2. Hi John, this is way beyond bizarre, it's evil. Thanks to Vlad we have a debunking of it. KGS

  3. Brilliant spoof and more or less is what was taught [ tongue in cheek] in British grammar schols in 19060

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