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This destruction of the Parthian Anahita temple shows the contempt puritanical Islam (read = tradtional reading of Islam) has for the non-Muslim. They are a genocidal movement, bent of destroying all cultures alien to Islam. The Mohmmedan ideology can not allow for anything un-Islamic to exist, for their extremist, supremacist, genocidal belief system based on the Koran and the hadiths encourages their behavior. What is in this ideology not worth loathing? KGS

2000-year-old Parthian Anahita temple in Hamadan destroyed to built an Islamic prayer-place

A. Mohammadi for CAIS 
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LONDON, (CAIS) —  Remains of a Parthian dynastic edifice located on the hilltop of Mosalla tappeh (archaeological mound) was flattened to prepare the ground for the construction of aMosalla[1]
The news of the destruction of Iranian heritage has angered the nation, particularly the cultural figures and heritage enthusiasts. 
According to Mehrnush Najafi-Ragheb, the spokeswoman for Municipality Islamic Council of Hamadan, the remains of the Parthian edifice was destroyed over two years ago. 
“Until two years ago the remains of the ruins of the fortress, which was possibly Parthian was standing and was destroyed when the construction of the Mosalla began”, said Najafi-Ragheb to the Persian service of CHN. 
She added: “during 2006 council’s session, [the mound] was considered as a cultural and religious site and as a result construction for the Mosalla began.” 
She failed to explain how the Islamic Republic destroying a 2000 year old monument, which was an important part of Iranian heritage and history, could be considered as ‘cultural’. 
The site was fenced up and restricted to public for the past two-years under the pretence of protection of the ancient monument.
Artefacts recovered from the site in the past few decades, many kept in Hamadan Museum, suggest the mound was Parthian, with a strong possibility of a Median dynastic foundation. Some experts believe the destroyed monument was a Temple for the Zoroastrian deity, Anahita (ānāhitā). 
Archaeologists believe in ancient times this 600×400 meter mound and the adjacent Hegmataneh (Ecbatana) were possibly connected and together formed the ancient and the original city. The famous Shir Sangi (Stone Lion) of Hamadan stands on the slope of the mound. 

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    Hate crime my ass! If you want to see a real hate crime take a look at what they do to kids in the name of Allah.

    These inbred moronic retards even take offense at pot pigs in a kuffar's window.

    They may not all be active terrorists, but they all have the potential because they all share the same murderous ideology.

    If you want your children to have a future, remove the Scummah from all positions of power in the West.

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