No, what Israel is saying, is that you can protest, but you’ll be held accountable if you incite others to commit acts of violence. Ashton is a fitting disgrace of a pseudo FM for the EU, who never miss a moment to urinate on themselves in public. KGS

Turtle Lady
Catherine Ashton: It really galls and saddens me when
my favorite Arab inciters to violence gets convicted

JERUSALEM — The European Union’s top diplomat criticized Israel on Wednesday over the conviction of a leader of Palestinian protests against Israel’s West Bank separation barrier, calling the activist a “human rights defender.”
In a strongly-worded statement, Catherine Ashton said she was “deeply concerned” by the guilty verdict against Abdullah Abu Rahmeh, one of the organizers of weekly marches from the Palestinian village of Bilin to the Israeli-built West Bank barrier nearby.
Israel started taking a harder line against demonstrations in the West Bank late last year, arresting activists and keeping protesters from reaching the barrier. Abu Rahmeh, a 39-year-old schoolteacher, is among the most prominent of those detained in a string of arrests.
Jailed since December, he was convicted in a military court Tuesday of inciting protesters to attack Israeli troops and for participating in protests without a legal permit. The case has drawn international attention, and foreign observers and reporters attended the hearing.

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