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Finland’s AI chairman Frank Johansson:
 I’ve been to Israel and it’s a scum state.


UPDATE: J’lem Post takes notice of the story and Johansson scrubbs his blog of the post in question. Click here.


Writing on his blog over at the Finnish tabloid paper, Iltalehti, the chairman of Finnish Amnesty International took to calling Israel a “scum state” while recounting a visit he had with his friend who lives there.


Frank Johansson:

“A friend of mine who works in Israel, was visiting while piling wood in the shed, we got into his favourite topic. Several years of  residence in the holy country, he has come to the conclusion that “Israel is a scum state”. On the basis of my own visit, which occurred during the 1970s and 1990s for the final time, I agree.”


So this “human rights” activist who chairs Finland’s AI branch of the international organization, which is supposedly a non-biased, impartial organization, labeled Israelis….scum. The man is a bigot, and an anti-Semite. Would Johansson ever dare write publically about Saudi Arabia, or any other Muslim nation as a “scum state”, or does he, as many other “human rights” organizations do, take aim at Israel, just because he thinks he can get away with it?


This dispels the notion that Amnesty International (especially in Finland) is an impartial human rights organization as long as sentiments such as Frank Johansson is allowed to go unanswered by that parent organization. Another point worth noticing, is that Johansson makes that obvious biased, bigoted statement out in the open, without a care in the world that he would be held accountable in the Finnish speaking media and blogosphere.


H/T: Vasarahammer


NOTE: This situation is entirely like the situation nine years ago when former French ambassador to the UK, Daniel Bernard’s anti-Semitic stated that Israel is that “shitty little country”

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  1. Really nice job exposing this worm, guys! I can't speak Finnish and would love to leave this fellow a message – some choice thoughts. His sisu should be rewarded Could you guide me down the right path? Get a hold of me at my e-mail address,


  2. Nice job! I picked this up through the JPost. As someone who thinks AI has done some good work, but is hopelessly misguided when it comes to Israel, the only way to set it straight is to expose the hypocrisy within the organization and make them embrace it or distance themselves from it.

  3. Cool down everybody, and look at the guy's face. he looks like an alcoholic moron. What can you expect from a guy like this?
    Israel forces admiration. Those who come to curse will bless Israel. remember, this is written somewhere.
    And most of all, screw this moron!
    Regards from Haifa

  4. Yeah, this guy thinks he's clever but he's not, he's a typical Scandinavian "humanitarian racist" and anti-Semite. These clowns never think their nonsense (which passes for normal here) will be viewed by the outside world. They're wrong.

    The guy is actually proud of his stupidity, and most likely believes in Jewish cabals of world domination, and probably feels that he now has really something in common with his pet project, the Palestinians, "victimhood" at the hands of the Jews.

    What he really shares with them is an intense anti-Semitism nurtured by his leftist counter culture and pseudo humanitarians, "human rights" activist sycophants.

  5. It's not "scum state", it's "nation of assholes", something that pretty much the rest of the world agrees on.

  6. How does it make a person anti-semitist if he speaks roughly about a country?

    It doesn't make me anti-slavic if i call Russia a corrups shithole.

    Nor it does make me anti-arabic if i say Iran is a dictature run by insane asshole priests.

    Nor it does make me anti-finnish if i say Finland is full of ignorant redneck drunks.

    Does it?

    Or do you just wanna raise some shit without a cause to boast your own cause?

    Take a look in the mirror dude(s).

  7. You support Geert and dare to criticize Frank? Do you think that any reasonable or respectable person would care what you say when you support Geert? Hahahahahahahaha

    Thank you, Frank for your honesty! 🙂

  8. Lets see if AI Frank Johansson identifies any Arab/Muslim/Islamic Republic country similarly.

    Johansson doesn't consider the taliban, the ones who mutilated the face of the Afghan girl pictured on the August 4, 2010 issue of Time magazine, taliban SCUM?

    Or would that be Islamophobic, counter-revolutionary?

  9. Frank Johansson would need a sky crane to look Geert Wilders in the eye.

    Face it, you haven't an argument worth spending time on to clarify, just shoot and run.

    I rest my case.

    As for the last comment, absolutely correct. Types like Johansson would never dare call a Muslim state…scum, they save it for the Jews because they don't issue fatwas.

  10. … And israels wonders about why nobody like them. You react extreme any persons critisism about anyting you. Your army jails 10 year old kids for trowing stones and mucht worst. Your secret servise assanate people abroad and your children are educated that every german are neonazi and all the world hate you and want yours dead. And that justiface your actions past, now and future. You halusinating, get real and start acting like adults. And becouse i write these word you think i'm antisemitist, neonazi, grazy or something like that. I Think Israel is beutyful country, but treating too many people disgraisfully.

  11. Previous anonymous,

    The Jews don’t care what antisemites like you think. And no, you don’t like Israel, you hate it, just as you hate Jews.

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