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While the Tundra Tabloids greatly disagrees with the thinking of the Left, however, when they get something right, they need to be congratulated. Thanks to Durotrigan for the hat tip. KGS

French anti-Islamists plan Demonstration: Grand Apéritif Républicain 4 September

Following the success of the apero in Paris on 18 June, the website Riposte Laique and a coalition of twenty other groups/bloggers is planning another apero that they have dubbed the Grand Apéritif Républicain which will take place on 4 September to mark the 140th anniversary of the founding of the proclamation of the Third Republic.
This time, protests against Islamisation will be held in a number of cities across France: Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Strasbourg and Toulouse. If Riposte Laique were operating in the UK, mainstream pundits and organisations/campaigns such as UAF, Searchlight and the SWP would be attempting to stigmatise it as ‘far right’, whereas in fact it represents a voice that is alas all but absent in the UK: that of the traditional rationalist patriotic Left.

Read it all here.

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  1. Regardless of party, after a while citizens are waking up to the fact that their political class has sold them out, and their country is going down the drain. All due to the PC liberal elite allowing a dependent class of uneducated Muslims into the country who refuse to assimilate or contribute to the host country, and are a drain on the state. Why should a person work hard, when their own government brings in a class of folks who will be on the dole in perpetuity?

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