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Question: When does the military’s learning of the Mussulman’s ways cross over from a decision of pure strategy, to outright succombing to proselyzation? Diana West has an interesting post up at Breitbart’s Big Peace that highlights the military’s big dilemma. KGS
Hey Yanks, learn of Islam’s charm, it’s responsible
for making Afghanistan such a charming place
Diana: “The story goes on to note that jihad-joyous violence traditionally spikes for US troops fighting wars during Ramadan in Dar al-Islam, although so far this season that has not been the case. But there are other Ramadan issues:
…Ramadan does create problems as U.S. forces pursue one of their most urgent priorities — training the Afghan National Army to a level where it could cope with the insurgency when the Americans begin withdrawing next summer. The Afghan soldiers can’t eat or drink during daylight hours, when U.S. soldiers must down bottle after bottle of water to counter the withering heat. As a result, the Americans must scale down the previously intense pace of training and reduce joint patrols.
The Ramadan schedule is kicking us in the butt, but it’s also significant for the motivation and morale of the Afghan soldiers,” says Benchoff, who nightly joins his Afghan counterpart as he breaks fast with a meal of goat and rice. U.S. troops are told to minimize eating and drinking in front of the Afghans, who in turn have offered them instructions on Ramadan’s meaning and practices.

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  1. So let me get this straight: in return for our fighting forces reducing exercises and patrols because they can't drink water out of respect for Ramadan, they get in return what? Instructions about Ramadan?

  2. That's about the size of it. Instead, they should be doing what they, as Americans need to be doing and to hell with all the rest of it. Forget about winning hearts and minds, its either our way or the highway.

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