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”Uncle Osmo”: It’s a pity that Libertarians vote,
they screw up the chances for us statists to exert force.

The Tundra Tabloids once heard of a local politician (Lefty) that was retiring state that, “Finnish society could save a lot of time and public resources if we would allow elected officials who are presently in power, to just stay in power, they know their jobs well. Just think of all the money saved.”
No kidding, those were the words, (paraphrased) of person who was active in politics a large portion of her adult life. Stunning. Well now “Uncle Osmo” is back in the lime light with another doozy full of zingers that betray the utter lunacy of Green politics and Leftism.
Writing on his blog, Osmo Soininvaara, makes a case for elected politicians to ram policies (no matter how unpopular and counterporductive they are) down the throats of the very people whose interests they’ve sworn as politicians to represent.
I understand that economists are familiar with libertarian philosophy. This includes the paradox that, a society with that mode of thinking cannot be induced to act except through force, because a voluntary society’s respect for the common good can not be trusted. A Libertaalin does not deem it at all logical to engage in philanthropy, even though they think that the welfare society’s compulsory equality in income may be replaced by voluntary charity. In a Libertarian world, climate change can not be stopped. No single human activity can have an affect in any observable quantity, so no one should be in favor of doing anything. But one can always hope that libertarians are consistent and not vote at all. Everyone of them. Parliament will then become another kind of support for humanity.
This guy wants to rule by fiat. He, and a tightly select group of idealogues would like nothing better for the rest of us to jusst shut our mouths and allow them to manage society. Once again totalitarianism in the raw, but yet here in Finland, a person of his influence and standing does not get called out for his incredibly stupid and hard fisted thinking. This guy is truly frightening, and he says it all in the open. KGS
Oh, and if you think that Greenist tomfoolery is an exlusive Finnish problem, check out the Canadians: Greens may push to decriminalize polygamy

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  1. In other words the citizens are stupid and we, the liberals in power, know all. Therefore, the citizens should have no say because they are stupid and don't want to do things like ethnic invasion by mass immigration, income equality, that are obviously the right things to do. There is no doubt about that, ask any liberal, who is smart of course, not stupid like the peons. If only we could choose who are citizens that can vote, that would be better. Even better, don't allow the stupid citizens to vote. They won't care because they are stupid.

  2. I hear ya John. This man is such a blazing idiot that only in such a small country like Finland can his lunacy be hid within the Finnish language and, most importantly, be thought of as a deep thinker. Stunning.

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