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The Tundra Tabloids’ Lebanese correspondent, The Patron of Beirut, reported a few months ago that the situation in Lebanon was getting tense, to the point where a civil war could break out at any time. The Hez-nazis have been making enroads into the Lebanese army, slowly turning it into another armed wing of itself.
This explains the sniper attack on Israeli IDF soldiers (that murdered one officer) working on the border fence inside Israel. The fact that it didn’t blow up into a more major conflict doesn’t negate the reality that Hezbollah has been, and still is, operating with impunity throughout Lebanon.
Christian enclaves in the once majority Christian run state, are now finding the likelyhood of having to defend their increasingly shrinking areas more likely with each days passing. Their backs are against the wall, and as the Patron of Beirut stated last time,
“According to my well placed sources, regarding certain Christian goups aligned with Hizbollah, (former general Michel Aoun’s ‘Free Patriotic Movement’ ), there won’t be any infighting between the different Christian groups, regardless of the past, even though that they have been aligned politically for some time now, between the head of army and Nasrallah.”
The Patron will be soon filing another report in the next few days, the TT promises to keep you all updated on the situation as soon as these reports come in. The following report made last week, underlines the serious of the situation as as well as the Patron of Beirut’s original report from April 9th, some four months ago. KGS

The Media Line: A day after the deadliest Lebanese-Israeli border skirmish in years, Lebanese analysts say the war that may be brewing is not with Israel…

Lebanese leaders referred to Israeli “aggression” — a “violation of Lebanese sovereignty” in which an Israeli patrol crossed into Lebanon to trim trees despite orders from UN peacekeepers to stop.
Israeli leaders described it as an “ambush” — a “gross violation”, “murderous attack” and “violent provocation” initiated in response to “routine maintenance duties” and “with no provocation from our territory.”
The rhetoric on both sides of the ‘blue line’ separating Lebanon and Israel is alive and wild, and while the UN has confirmed that the tree in question was indeed on the Israeli side of the border, and that Israel coordinated its trimming with the UN, the exact series of events that triggered the deaths of an Israeli battalion commander, three Lebanese soldiers and a journalist on Tuesday is unlikely to be cleared up anytime soon.
What is clear, however, is that in a matter of weeks Lebanon is set to face what some local analysts are predicting will be the beginnings of another Lebanese civil war and which others are predicting will be the largest political crisis since the country’s former leader was assassinated five years ago.

Either way, they agree, something smelly is about to hit the fan.

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  1. With the "Islamic Republic of Iran" funding the war goods,training the terrorist shock troops, and pulling the strings truly the situation is extremely volatile and it won't take much to set off another cycle of bloodshed and violence. Don't look for the useless UN to do anything but scold Israel over and over.

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