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This is the definitive analysis on what Republican leaders HAVE TO DO if they want to regain not only both houses of Congress, but also the trust of the overwhelming percentage of the American public.
If they, meaning top dog Republican leaders, fail to act now and save the republic, meaning a clear break from statist policies and a return to constitutional government centered on limited government and rule of law, then they ‘re toast and the cournty is lost. It’s that simple.
To all of the TT’s American readers, you are the world’s last hope, if you fail to lead, meaning a clear demand for your own party leaders to head to your demands for a return to sound conservative politics based on the US constitution, the rest of the world is lost as well. For if the US goes the way of the socialist Do Do bird, the rest of the planet is doomed as well because they have lost a leader and role model.
But most of all,  do it for yourself and your family, and do it for your country, the rest of the world will eventually follow your lead. KGS
NOTE: A clear vote for conservative constitutional government will also mean a change in policy towards the Muslim ME, as well as a new emphasis in putting America first, meaning sharia having no future on its shores.

How deep does his conservatism go?

John Boehner’s Testing Time

by Paul A. Rahe

A year ago, in a blogpost entitled The Great Awakening, I argued that conservatives “should be grateful to Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Rahm Emanuel.” After all, I wrote, they had unmasked “the Democratic Party as a conspiracy on the part of a would-be aristocracy of do-gooders hostile to the very idea of self-government in the United States,” and they had done so by making “the tyrannical propensities inherent within the progressive impulse visible to anyone who cares to take notice.” This is a theme to which I have returned repeatedly in a series of posts – some of them linked here, others archived here and here, and the most recent found here – arguing that, with the proper leadership, the Republican Party could seize this occasion and effect a political realignment.

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  1. As a conservative I don't have a lot of faith in many Republicans, many of them seem more concerned about holding the seat or position rather then pushing forward good conservative values and legislation. I want them to show me that they have some back bone or b#lls, I'm tired of these RINO get along 'good' guys. The devious DemocRATS can't be defeated with this nice guy crap, they must take off the gloves and kick butt.

  2. It's the grass roots brother, they are the only hope for the future of the US.

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