Auntie Astrid Thors: Sorry Ben,
I didn’t see you looking!

This woman is a snake, all smiles but spits her venom further than a cobra. Being from the Swedish Peoples party, one would assume that the RKP minister in charge of Migration and European Affairs, would be more warry of mass immigration as well as any legislature that would increase the chances of the Swedish Peoples Party’s influence and political power being diminished.
Not very smart politics, but that’s RKP for you, whose political elite actually believe that multi-culturalism favors their constituency, when in the end, it spells their doom. Just last year it became state policy that immigrant civil servants no longer need to be proficient in Swedish to hold a public sector job. The rest will be history. KGS

NOTE: The TT has blogged earlier on the case of the Egyptian grandmother, deeming it to be a sad case, but if allowed to be used by others, most noticeably Muslims, (she’s an Egyptian Copt) then it would lead to real cases of abuse. In the lesser of two evils, having “consideration of humanitarian factors” being a rule of thumb for migration officials, is more peferable to a change in the law.
HS: Ben Zyskowicz, deputy chairman of the Parliamentary group of the National Coalition Party, has criticised Minister of Migration and European Affairs Astrid Thors (Swed. People’s Party) for continuing to work on behalf of amending the Aliens Act.
Zyskowicz says that the National Coalition Party does not plan to approve the bill that is currently under preparation at the Ministry of the Interior.
“Our parliamentary group has said clearly that we do not support opening up the Aliens Act. We have told this to Thors as well”, Zyskowicz says.
We feel that it is quite questionable that Minister Thors is working on the matter, even though there is no mention of it in the government’s policy programme, and even though the National Coalition Party, a key government party, is opposed to it.”

More here.

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