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Thanks to the True Finns, Jussi Halla-aho and the rest of the politicians who have been calling for sane asylum and immigration policies for Finland. They have had a major effect on the domestic dialogue concerning immigrants, it’s no longer considered “waycist” to broach the subject, thanks to those just mentioned, they have had a big historical role in shaping the character of the debate. Kudos to them all. KGS
Helsingin Sanomat: The immigration debate that has been raging in recent years has found its way into the declarations of Finland’s political parties. Some of the most recent examples include a report drawn up by National Coalition Party MP Arto Satonen calling for “realism in asylum policy, resources for integration”, dating back to November 2009, as well as an interim report by the Social Democratic Party’s working group on immigration, setting a goal for “controlled immigration” released in May this year.

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  1. To quote a famous radio talk show host "a nation is defined by it's borders. language, and culture". Look at the tower of babel effect has had on most European, the USA and other countries. Immigrants must assimilate, learn the host language, and (shocking to most liberals) be self supporting, yes work for a living not be a lifetime burden to the state. In the US I have many very successful hard working immigrant friends from many countries and they ALL agree with me.

  2. Wonderful to hear, it's a sentiment that the TT agrees with 100%. KGS

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