J-Street is not what it pretends to be

Lefty whackos who never miss an opportunity to show what they really are, the Jewish version of the hard Christian Left. Both groups claim to be “pro-Israel” but scratch a bit underneath skin and the opposite shows its ugly face. So don’t be surprised that these morons fall squarely behind the mega-mosque at ground zero, for them, it’s highly logical. KGS

J Street backs Ground Zero mosque
Groups says they support ‘religious freedom’ and ‘tolerance’. (…not)

Following protests against the planned construction of a mosque close to the site of the former World Trade Center in New York, Washington-based left-wing group J Street launched a petition Monday in support of the project.
A statement on the organization’s website said: ” Appalled by the opposition to plans by American Muslims to build a community center in lower Manhattan modeled after Jewish Community Centers (JCC’s) and Y’s all over the country, J Street is collecting petitions in support of religious freedom and against anti-Muslim bigotry.”
The statement continued: “In the battle against violent extremism, core democratic values like respect for minorities and freedom of religion can be potent weapons in ensuring security and advancing tolerance and understanding. Now is the time to stand in support of those core values.”

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