Barry Rubin Humanitarian Racism


Ok, Barry didn’t actually use the term “humanitarian racism”, but that’s what he’s getting at when describing the Left (in a post Soviet world) in how they view/treat the people in the various terrorist organizations and nation states in the 3rd world who support them, who also subject their own people to indescribable misery, but place the blame for it exclusively on the nations residing in the free west.
Barry Rubin: “TThe message is that the problem is completely due to “us.” The other side doesn’t actually exist. It has no history, no worldview, no ideology, and no goals. The “other side” is merely a blank screen or mirror, reflecting back what we do. This is, of course, a racist and imperialist vision. It denies the others any culture or history or mentality of their own. If one is only a victim always, one has no volition, higher intelligence, or ability to affect history.”
This is the very same thinking Tundra Tabloids used while addressing Avi Shlaim, a political hack professor who apologizes for every evil deed done by the Arabs, by placing the fault on the neck of the Jewish state.
Watch how the Israeli Ambassador to Finland, Mr.Avi Granot, deconstructs Shlaim’s argumentation and selective reading of the historical record regarding the history of the Arabs’ conflict with Israel. Remember folks, for the humanitarian racist, it’s crucial to place all the blame on the party deemed to belong to the west (Israel is) while totally exonerating the other side (the Arabs in this instance) the 3rd world entity, which supposedly the victim….for eternity. KGS

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