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DUDLEY NEWS: TWO English Defence League members, who were arrested during a rooftop protest, have had all charges dropped against them. Leon McCreery from Stockport and John Shaw from Knaresborough were arrested during the incident over the May Bank holiday, after being taken down from the roof of a disused factory in Hall Street by riot police. The pair were bailed following an appearance at Dudley Magistrates Court, but the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has today announced it has dropped all charges against them because of “insufficient evidence”.
Thanks to Gaia for the news, they never had anything on them so that’s the reason why they stand today free of any charges. Being anti-sharia and against mosque building should bring applause, not handcuffs. KGS

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  1. These two fine men will now be under heavy police watch for a very long time, after all they may pose a 'danger' to the public order.

  2. Not surprised that the prosecution has backed off – the circumstances of their arrest/detention would probably prove embarrassing to the Police – as would allegations of public disorder in Dudley provoked by the EDL's demonstration. The Police may have chosen to downplay that element of British 'community relations' but a clever defence lawyer could force them to recount what did go on after 4 May 10 – which would be even more politically explosive.

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