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The Lefties and the Mussulman make it a habit of redefining terms to suit their perverted causes, which is something straight out of George Orwell’s classic novel, 1984, something of which by the way they seem to use as a training manual. Watch the vids Vlad put together for us, they are very instructional. KGS

VLAD : Watch the chants on this protest for peace. Notice how it starts out demanding an end to war and for peace and so on, then changes rather quickly to, “no peace without justice”, a common Islamic rhetorical device. As most in the west do not realize that Muslims redefine common terms to suit their purpose, while knowing full well we non-Muslims are understanding something fundamentally different when we hear that term, (think ‘marriage’ just for one example) I thought it might be useful to explain what Muslims mean by the term, ‘justice’.

Below, some clips from two very important documentaries, Farewell Israel, and Atomic Jihad. I have grabbed a few clips that attempt to explain the Islamic concept of ‘justice’ which have about as much to do with a Western concept of justice as womens rights do in Afghanistan vs. USA

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  1. Islamic Justice in simple terms it's either their way or no way. I find it impossible to have a debate, discussion, dialogue, or disagreement with any of these practitioners of 'The Religion Of Peace'.

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