Anti-Israel bigotry and bias David Cameron Diana West


Diana West covers the stupidity of British PM, David Cameron, that the Tundra Tabloids reported on yesterday, concerning his complete subservience to the Islamo-Turk regime of PM Erdogan. What he should have been doing instead, was treating the PM and his Turkish supporters, in the very same way the Counterjihad’s horse did earlier this year: 
David Cameron reflects the traditional British government’s attitude towards the Muslim states in and around the Middle East, which seeks to appease the Musselman than to encourage his wrath. The Brits being involved in both Iraq and Afghanistan has come at a price and now they seek to mend fences by raking Israel over the coals, it’s a worn out tradition for the Brits, but hey this is UK, where tradition is ingrained, until it comes completely Islamified that is. KGS
Diana West: Things are moving faster than it first appeared, the rails greased by an unctuous British PM Cameron. Indeed, Turkish PM Erdogan is already declaring a “golden age” of Turkey-UK relations.
You’ve heard of the Full Monty? Behold the Full Dhimmi.

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