This Helsingin Sanomat article “Uncommon Muslims” reaveals an interesting observation from a Turk named Begi who befriended a Finnish student-journalist, Roosa Murto, who’s interviewing him about his secular views as a Turk living in Turkey.
While that may be of  some interest, at the end of the day it matters little how secular a Muslim actually is, when the religion he or she identifies with along with 1.5 billion more, remains unchanged ever since it was born and then codified centuries later.
What is interesting however, is his views on traditional Muslims who are slowly changing his society, whether he admits to it or not. In the article, the fast pace of Turkey’s slide into the opposite direction of Kemal Attaturk’s modern Turkish state, isn’t mentioned at all. But be sure to read the following text that was included at the end of the article.
It validates everything that the Tundra Tabloids, and the rest of us in the Counterjihad have been saying about mass immigration of Muslims for some time now. Some might call it unfair, but the fact remains that Muslim immigrants flowing into Europe do not come with a tag around their necks or a meter on their chests stating the degree of religiosity that they engage in. Therein lies the rub. KGS
An excerpt from Uncommon Muslims:

Sure, of the 70 million fellow citizens there are many different kinds of Muslims, as well as those who would rather be giving birth then taking exams, but they are of no interest to Begi. He can not tolerate veiled women and religious men, but rather would like to see them behaving like”they have a brain.”
Although in Begin’s view, these religous types in Turkey are far too many, he wants them to stay there, in order for the country’s reputation not to be fully tarnished. Begi also has clear advice for the Finnish immigration debate: ’Don’t take anyone of them. Ever.
NOTE: How did this ever get pass the HS’s gatekeepers?

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