Gaza Flotilla


New Footage Shows Flotilla Crew Planned to Throw Israeli Soldiers into Sea.

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  1. holland was too liberal in the past regarding immigrants, especially regarding africans seeking not only an above jungle existance but the exilerating status symbol fo having a white blonde on the arm of a black male, followed by offsprings of countless black fathers, all contributing to what has now become a defiling aspect for most real dutchmen !

  2. And this has to do with the jihadi flotilla in what way?

    What's the deal about blacks? So what if a blonde wants hang or even marry an African?

    You talk about inter racial marriage is defiling the Dutch, you're thoughts are defiling this blog

  3. Once again we see that Islam is ttwo faced in everything it does.

    In this video they are extolling the bravery of the followers of allah (themselves), and the cowardice of the Jews.

    Once the actions starts, the Muslim soldiers are cowed, and hand themselves in to the Israelis, and are led to detention centres.

    Once released our once brave Muslim mujahids, who were so intent on becoming martyrs – fighting to the death and all that, are now claiming that the Israelis did not respect their human rights, and fired on peaceful activists. What?

    Two faced. Even in combat, we see the two faced nature of Muslims – bravery before the battle but wimps the moment the action starts.

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